Explainer videos, GIFS, teasers, BTS content, music videos, IGTV: there are a variety of ways we can showcase your brand, event, fashion line, or band.

Sometimes it needs to be straightforward and quick, just something for an Instagram story. Sometimes you want to tell a larger story about your brand, perhaps for YouTube or IGTV or Facebook.

There are so many options! We could even create a custom package that suits your needs, whether that be using your style guide and preexisting elements to create an explainer video or planning a full shoot with locations, talent, music, and audio.

Reach out with a little bit about your project, and we will get it going!

The Explainer Video / A quick video for social media using existing graphics to explain the value of the brand, product, or event. We are also happy to work with you to create graphics and a brand style guide. Reach out for more information on packaging.

The Lookbook / A showcase of a fashion line or products. For the Urban Outfitters lookbook, we worked on-location with talent and a stylist, and we also created photographs for the lookbook, accompanying the short social media teaser video. Combining photo and video elements will help you to create a cohesive look across media.

The BTS Promo / A way to showcase a little bit of your vision with your network, whether it be for a new product, an album, or your business’ official launch. We can incorporate interviews, b-roll, and anything else that you think shares your story, all in a package that is easy to share on social media, Kickstarter, or with your email list.

The Event Video / An on-location shoot, documentary style, with an edit that fits your needs. For the Clase Azul event, we shot both photo and video and edited the video to be shared as a fun BTS view of the collaborative event for social media.

The Music Video / Visuals for your next single. It can be experimental, narrative, or anywhere in between. We have experience working with musicians on a variety of projects, and our multimedia portfolio is vast and can lend itself to any outlandish vision or seed of an idea you may have for your song or album.

The Short Documentary / If you’re looking to capture a moment, an experience, or anthing else, this is a great way to tell the story. For this project, we went on-location and interacted with the CSA members as well as the farmers to capture the day, interweaving interviews from different perspectives to tell the story of the relationship between the farm and the CSA. Depending on your story, a short documentary could be achieved with a single day’s shoot and one crew member, or it could be a larger scale production.

The Fashion Film / A way to add a narrative to show the creativity and personality of your brand. For the Kitten Paws Vintage film, we worked closely with the owner of the company to craft this shoot. We pitched a narrative based on the mood she wanted for the promotion of the line, and then we worked together to find location, talent, and music to bring it all together to shoot and execute the brand story.

The Intro / If you are launching or relaunching your brand, your band, or your blog, a great way to share your identity is through a video. This can include voiceover or interview elements, or it can just be shots set to music to showcase the vibe you’re going for. For the Chocolate Barista video, we worked closely with a lifestyle blogger to plan and execute a shoot comprising of locations, people, and moments that showcase the variety of content about her life that she wanted to show in her blog.

The GIF / A fun spin for social media. For the Watch Party GIF, we worked with Thunderbird, a restaurant and bar with a very playful voice on social media. We turned the classic event flyer into a multimedia promo, accompanying classic graphics and posters.

The Live Music Video / This is a way to showcase your band or sound in a more intimate way than with your produced tracks. Often, a video like this can be captured in a few hours to a day, and it’s a great tool to put online to promote your work while giving fans a different view of your talent and personality.

The Testimonial / When you want to spread the word about your brand, sometimes the best way is to share a review of your work from a customer to potential customers. For the Your Carrier project, we were asked to use pre-shot footage to edit a short video for online advertisement, implementing music, motion graphics, and the branding. We are happy to come onto any project in the post-production stage, but we’re also happy to plan and execute your shoot, including interviews, b-roll, and photo elements.

The IGTV / A great way to add variety to your social media content is to incorporate elevated videos into your feed, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever’s next. Instagram particularly is moving toward more video and motion content, through stories and Instagram TV. For the Sky Ting feature, we incorporated interview elements with BTS footage to showcase a brand launch in an intimate view.